About Us

Dear Students & Parent,

Welcome to the universe of ACHIEVER’S POINT , an organization whose roots of inception emanated from a noble idea of providing quality education to JEE/Medical /CA aspirants in their own native state of Bihar/Jharkhand. I am extremely delighted to convey that ACHIEVER’S POINT  has been able to accomplish the task of serving the student community of Bihar/Jharkhand with its unique expertise and has fulfilled the dreams of several JEE/Medical/CA aspirants.

At ACHIEVER’S POINT , it has been our endeavour to keep on working for students' welfare and enable them to achieve success by maximizing their potential using our resources in the form of best faculty team, pattern-proof teaching methodology, well planned course design, quality study material, testing tools and many more additional facilities.

Our appetite to serve students in a better way has not only increased, but we continue striving hard to provide innovative and ingenious methods to maximize each students' potential and fulfill their aspirations.

At ACHIEVER’S POINT, each student is special and we believe in unique “Individual Mentoring System”. I on behalf of my esteemed team and efficient academic system can assure you of a great learning experience here.

With Regards,


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